Make your data accessible and your stack compatible.

Cube’s data APIs streamline access between all your data sources and tools, so you can curate the best stack for your use case.

Data Modeling
Access Control

Seamlessly integrate using the SQL you already know.

Boost your data’s performance, make it consistent, and centralize its caching and security upstream of every BI platform. Cube’s instant Postgres-compliant SQL API lets you skip the new language learning curve, making it incredibly easy to connect your data sources and semantic layer to any of your downstream tools.

Deliver fast, consistent insights.

Count on Cube’s REST data API to power your custom embedded analytics. Its versatile semantic layer is ideal for many data formats and your favorite front-end frameworks and charting libraries, without worrying about underlying logic.

Easily build real-time 

Create robust real-time and custom analytics experiences efficiently. Leverage Cube’s caching and pre-aggregations layer with its instant GraphQL data API to seismically speed up time-to-value and achieve total stack and UX flexibility.

Leverage limitless integrations.

The fact that Cube’s semantic layer includes an API layer solves the many-to-many problem most organizations face. No matter the data sources and downstream apps in your stack, Cube’s instant data APIs infuse your stack with universal compatibility, easy integrations, and data accessibility.

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Data Modeling

Define your metrics upstack to unify your team’s insights.

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Data Access Control

Robust governance begins with centralized permissions management.

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Caching and Data Performance

Rely on uniformly performant data with centralized caching.

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