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Watch On-Demand: Unleash the Power of AI in Data Analytics with Cube & Delphi

Learn How You Can Talk to Cube's Semantic Layer to Deliver Business Insights with Delphi

Cube is excited to announce our latest integration and partnership with Delphi Labs, featuring an AI-powered conversational interface for the semantic layer.

Powered by OpenAI's latest large language model technology, Delphi provides a natural language interface for data, bringing self-service analytics to the next level. Delphi delivers insights straight to business users in Slack, enabling you to ask questions and get answers in real-time.

Watch on-demand and learn more about this revolutionary new technology from David Jayatillake, co-founder and CEO at Delphi Labs. Discover how Delphi's natural language interface solves the whole workflow, from question to answer, with data.

Plus, see Cube and Delphi in action and learn how to implement your semantic layer with Cube Cloud.

Watch on-demand now to see it all in action!