Initially, traditional business intelligence (BI) platforms were standalone solutions that required significant effort to deliver static reports to key people in the organization. The democratization of data by modern analytics changed that by shifting access of the few to access of the many, from content creation to content consumption.

Unfortunately, more data, more users, and more use cases in modern analytics platforms are not directly proportional to more business value. Business users are likely to be overwhelmed by the volume of data sources and dashboards at their fingertips. They often give up out of frustration when trying to find the right data, even with the motivation to hunt for it.

Curated data experiences can make all the difference. While the integration of analytics into user-facing applications is often associated with enhancing customer experiences and their decision-making, this is a limited view of its potential. The benefits of embedded analytics extend far beyond external use cases.

Let’s take a deeper look into three reasons why embedded analytics is valuable for driving improved operational efficiency and relevant insights in business workflows, making it not only applicable to your customers but also important within your organization.

Enhance Internal Decision-Making

The clearest path to deliver the right data to the right user at the right time is embedded analytics. By meeting business users where they are, embedding can empower employees across all skill levels with data in ways not possible within a standalone BI platform. With embedded analytics, users can access data when they need it most: in the context of their workflow.

Embedded analytics has the potential to revolutionize decision-making within your organization. Instead of viewing a dashboard in the analytics platform, making a note, and switching to the operational system to act on it, you can curate the analytics experience within a business application or a custom solution to make it more relevant and actionable in the moment—without toggling between different systems to take action.

For example, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company built an internal embedded analytics solution for its plant operations teams, which enabled every plant worker to make data-driven decisions. The application manager shared, “The plant teams love the data, and we’ve seen that they don't even want to wait until a new plant is settled before starting to get it. They want to go live as soon as possible and start collecting and visualizing the data from day one.”

Boost Employee Productivity and Engagement

Embedded analytics boosts productivity and engagement with seamless metrics integration. You can foster a more engaging work environment with contextual data, aligned with individual, team, and organizational KPIs. Encouraging ownership and accountability, personalized insights help employees monitor their performance to goals and measure the impact of their contributions.

Curated embedded experiences drive performance across the organization with relevant data for specific roles. For instance, embedded analytics for sales teams can provide near real-time updates about customer engagement, buying trends, and pipeline status. Immediate access to this information allows salespeople to make faster, more informed decisions to close more deals, instead of gathering information manually from multiple systems of record.

Cube Cloud makes it easy to deliver consistent KPIs and metrics on an accelerated development timeline. Choose from a wide range of integrations, then define the data model and metrics. Use data access controls to return filtered data based on the current user’s security context. You have full control of the analytics experience to ensure no one is overwhelmed by irrelevant data or extraneous features in standalone modern BI platforms.

Optimize Business Processes

Embedded analytics optimizes business processes by integrating data-driven insights directly into workflows. The integration of analytics into operational tools allows for continuous learning and improvement. Employees can make immediate adjustments and improvements in response to insights displayed in the embedded experience.

Consider supply chain management and its complex logistics and operations variables. Embedding within supply chain management systems allows companies to track inventory levels, supplier performance, and demand forecasts in real-time. With a comprehensive view of the supply chain, managers can more effectively minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Whether it’s optimizing route planning or adjusting inventory levels, embedded analytics provides the actionable insights needed to keep everything running smoothly.

For real-time analytics, Cube Cloud’s universal semantic layer connects to streaming SQL technologies like ksqlDB, Materialize, and Apache Flink. These streaming engines make it possible to process real-time data and run analysis without learning a new language or building language-unique integrations. Organizations that leverage embedded analytics in this way are able to continuously evolve and adapt to market conditions and customer expectations.


Embedded analytics redefines how data is used within an organization, shifting from a traditional, often siloed approach to a more integrated, insightful, and actionable one. By embedding analytics directly into the operational tools employees use every day, businesses can transform isolated data interactions into focused insights that drive growth, innovation, and continuous improvement across all aspects of the organization.

A curated analytics experience within business applications and custom solutions ensures that data is not only for skilled analysts or IT professionals but a fundamental part of every employee’s decision-making process. Organizations will find themselves better equipped to respond to internal challenges and dynamic market conditions, ensuring that they can thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

For organizations looking to build embedded analytics for internal use cases, Cube Cloud provides you with the choice and flexibility to develop curated experiences to your unique requirements. By incorporating contextual data into business applications or custom solutions, you can enable more informed decisions without context switching between operational and analytical systems. Discover how Cube can transform your modern data stack by signing-up for a free developer account today.