Robust security begins with upstream permissions.

Avoid controls gaps. Cube’s upstream data access controls make it possible to grant viewing and operating permissions to individual data consumers, at both the raw data and metrics levels.

Access Control
Data Modeling

Power embedded analytics with a multitenant architecture.

Building a trustworthy embedded analytics application requires that users who access the same server will see only their own data. That’s where Cube’s multitenancy support comes into play. Out of the box, Cube supports configuring six forms of multitenancy—both on the database and data schema level.

Deliver secure data applications.

Cube’s security modelling is built on the industry standard of IAAA: Identification, Authentication, Authorisation, and Accountability. JSON Web Tokens, role-based access control, Auth0 support, and audit logs form the foundation of a secure stack with which to build modern data apps.

Trust a standards-compliant platform

How a platform stores and processes information is crucial to data governance and security. Cube’s SOC 2 Compliance certifies that your data is secure, available, and kept confidential, and Cube Cloud’s optional HIPAA-compliant architecture is ideal for processing PII and other sensitive data.

How does Cube enforce data 
access control?

Role-based access control is implemented on the database level to limit permissions for viewing and managing data to assigned roles. Column-based access control provides even more fine-grained control for more sensitive data.

Both types of access control are implemented using a JSON Web Token to identify the user and a queryRewrite extension point to manage data access.

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