As data continues to grow in importance and complexity, Cube Cloud's latest innovations, built on the universal semantic layer, ensure that enterprises can connect the entire organization with the right data. These advancements promise to simplify the way businesses discover, explore, and access modeled data, making it more accessible to everyone.

With the introduction of Semantic Catalog and AI Assistant, Cube Cloud extends its utility even further to data analysts and business users within your organization. Let’s take a closer look at how Cube’s AI-powered universal semantic layer unlocks the value of trusted data.

Semantic Catalog: Search a Unified View of Connected Data Assets

Semantic Catalog provides a comprehensive, unified view of connected data assets that is essentially self-documenting and always up-to-date, based on the data models you define. Users can effortlessly search through data modeled in Cube Cloud, explore downstream connected BI content, and examine upstream tables.

This capability allows users to gain insights into the lineage, entities, relationships, dimensions, and metrics of their data. Additionally, users can visually navigate upstream connections to source tables and downstream connections to charts and dashboards across all BI platforms using a Data Graph.

By providing a unified view, Semantic Catalog reduces duplicate efforts in data modeling and analysis, fostering better collaboration between data engineers and data analysts. This unified approach not only increases productivity but also takes the guesswork out of who to ask or where to go to find trusted data.

AI Assistant: Ask Questions and Get Trusted Answers

Cube’s AI Assistant takes data accessibility to the next level. This feature allows users to interact with their data using conversational, natural language queries, providing trusted answers instantly. The GenAI-powered AI Assistant provides quick insights without technical expertise–no SQL code to write or drag-and-drop needed.

Users can easily discover available modeled data, downstream connected BI content, and upstream tables from Semantic Catalog. Furthermore, AI Assistant allows users to preview charts and engage in deeper exploration in Playground 2.0 in one click.

This feature lowers the barrier for business users to work with enterprise data by democratizing access further, enabling everyone in the organization, not just data engineers, to interpret and utilize data effectively, leading to faster and more informed decision-making across the board.

Cube’s Vision for Data-Driven Decision Making

For the first time, Cube's universal semantic layer is not just a tool for data engineers but an invaluable resource for everyone else in your organization. Administrators can define roles with specific permissions for Semantic Catalog, AI Assistant, and Playground access and apply those roles to users, creating a tailored user experience for non-data engineering users.

Whether you are a data analyst searching for data to start your analysis or a business user seeking instant insights, the new capabilities in Cube Cloud ensure that everyone can participate in the data-driven decision-making process.

As the demand for data grows, delivering value consistently, efficiently, and at scale becomes more challenging. Cube Cloud’s AI-driven capabilities enable more people throughout the organization to make more informed decisions and derive value from the single source of truth the universal semantic layer provides. When it comes to AI, the universal semantic layer is the critical piece of the puzzle to ensure accuracy without hallucinations.
Artyom KeydonuvArtyom KeydonuvCEO & Co-Founder, Cube

Cube is making it possible for a broader audience within organizations to benefit from data-driven insights. Data analysts can now interpret data more consistently, while business users gain a better understanding of the data, facilitating better, faster business decisions. Combining AI with the universal semantic layer to provide context, you can ensure accuracy and reduce hallucinations.

Transforming Data Interactions

While data continues to grow in importance and complexity, Cube Cloud's innovative features ensure that enterprises can unlock the full potential of their data assets and their people. By making modeled data easy to discover, explore, and access, Cube Cloud empowers organizations to deliver value to everyone from it.

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