Cube Core v0.31 release brings a number of major new features such as:

  • Support for YAML syntax for data modeling
  • Support for ksqlDB as the data source
  • Lambda pre-aggregations
  • Views

Breaking changes and deprecations

Two breaking changes and one deprecation in this release:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Foreign cube references must now reference a cube member
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The shown property now hides cubes/views from the /meta endpoint when set to false
  • DEPRECATION: The driverFactory property should return a DriverConfig object or a Promise that returns a DriverConfig object

Please check the Deprecation document for more details on the above.

Multiple Data Sources

Cube has had support for multiple data sources for quite some time now, but we’ve made it even easier to configure them now with environment variables. Read the documentation to see how it works.

Modeling in YAML

We’ve often heard users they want the ability to author data models in languages other than JavaScript - specifically YAML and Python. Today, we’re excited to release a public preview for YAML data modeling in Cube. Check out the introductory blog post, or dive straight into the documentation.


Designed as a layer over cubes, views act as a façade of your whole data model. They are a great tool for to defining metrics, managing governance and data access, and controlling ambiguous join paths. Learn more about them in the introductory blog post, read more about them in the documentation or watch our in-depth webinar on the topic.

Lambda pre-aggregations

Lambda pre-aggregations allow combining batched/processed data with fresh data at query time, this is super useful for real-time data applications. You can even take it a step further and combine batched data from a data warehouse with streaming data from ksqlDB; find more information in the documentation.


We’re really excited to present two new drivers, Firebolt and Trino. And to top it off, we’ve also added a brand-new driver for ksqlDB.


The Cube SQL API now speaks the Postgres protocol instead of MySQL; the Postgres protocol is better supported and allows us to extend supports to dozens of downstream tools. We’ve also made a number of improvements relating syntax and operator support, and we’ve documented any difference in behaviour from regular SQL.

Downstream tools

We’ve been busy since the last release adding support for downstream tools. Cube now connects to:

Let us know if there’s a tool that you’d like supported by opening an issue on GitHub.