For any cloud-based data vendor, your public cloud alliances are among the most complicated, and most important. In Cube’s case, as the universal semantic layer for building data applications, we deploy our product Cube Cloud on public cloud infrastructure and we connect to data sources and power applications built primarily on the public cloud. Recently, we have taken a major step forward with our partner Amazon by making them the first cloud marketplace that you can purchase Cube Cloud on.

Cube Cloud now has a public listing on the AWS Marketplace which we could not be more excited about. Our customers have long had the ability to deploy Cube Cloud on AWS infrastructure, but during my tenure here we have been frequently asked about purchasing via AWS Marketplace. Customers want to do this for lots of reasons, but the most common are the ability to utilize their prior AWS committed spend, wanting a standard AWS EULA, or simply enjoying a more speedy procurement process.

No matter the reason, we’re happy to be able to provide this option for our customers, should they want it. Flexibility and respecting our customers' right to choose the tools that best suit their needs is a core value of Cube, and we’re happy to extend this idea to the purchasing process as well. Cube customers who choose to purchase Cube Cloud via the AWS Marketplace will have access to all of the same editions of the software in the same configurations as they have when purchasing directly from Cube.

We are excited about taking this step to deepen our relationship with our partners at Amazon and I look forward to continuing to expand our integrations with AWS data and analytics technologies such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon Athena and Amazon Quicksight. I would like to thank all of our partner contacts at Amazon who have helped us along the way with this partnership.

If you would like to learn more about how Cube Cloud can help you integrate all of your data sources into a single easy to manage data model and define consistent metrics accessible by all of your data applications then please reach out. We’re happy to help explore how you can build with the combined power of AWS and Cube.