Today, I am pleased to announce that RisingWave is now a supported data source within Cube. RisingWave is an innovative distributed streaming database that enables processing and management of real-time data with an easy to use Postgres-style SQL syntax. RisingWave ingests event data from message queues and operational databases and it can perform inflight joins, filtering, aggregations and other transformations. It is available as an open-source edition and a managed cloud service.

Using a Postgres-style SQL syntax, RisingWave benefits from being easy to implement, easy to learn, and having a wide ecosystem. Belief in Postgres as a standard is something we both share in common, as our SQL-API is Postgres compliant as well. In RisingWave, streams can be processed as a series of materialized views, reducing logical and management complexity. RisingWave can be scaled both horizontally and vertically, and implements a separation of storage of compute resources.

Users can combine the streaming data processing capabilities of RisingWave with Cube’s universal semantic layer to build custom real-time data applications to solve analytics problems in the most challenging settings. In financial services, this might look like streaming trades into RisingWave and evaluating real-time portfolio performance and risk management with a custom application built on top of the data modeling, security contexts and GraphQL API provided by Cube. In manufacturing, telecom, or utility sectors, this might take the form of streaming sensor (IoT) data into RisingWave and building speciality data applications using Cube and charting libraries to inform preventative maintenance and reduce risk of outages. There are many other possibilities to leverage the power of real-time data in your data applications, business intelligence tools, or other emerging use cases such as AI.

To use RisingWave as a data source in Cube, simply select the Postgres data source type and use your RisingWave credentials there. Since RisingWave supports a familiar Postgres-style SQL syntax, it is easy to get started with. For more detailed documentation on setting up a connection, check out the documentation here. As with all of our other data sources, all of the Cube functionality you know and love just works with RisingWave.

Here at Cube we’re always eager to see what our users are building. We believe that our partnership and integration with RisingWave will allow users to build some incredible things. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!