LLM & AI Semantic Layer

Bring context to AI chatbots and LLMs

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The problem:
AI hallucinations: confident answers that are 100% wrong

Like that irritating kid in class. So confident. But wrong. And AI doesn’t do math so well either. Data insights + AI or LLMs? Not the best combo.

The solution:
Add a semantic layer and teach your AI to see straight.

Cube Cloud can give your LLM models, AI chatbots, and other inventions the context they need to make sense out of your data. Amazing invention meet your new trainer.

AI, LLMs, and ‘your next big idea’ need Cube Cloud to stay true

Cube Cloud delivers the data model, access control, and speed while making it lightning fast to deploy with our enterprise-ready cloud architecture, tools for observability, monitoring, and administration – plus other killer developer controls.


Hallucination. Shmallucination.

Use Cube Cloud to tell your LLMs and AI tools how to understand the business context of all that data in your various cloud data warehouses. With a well-built data model that defines the business terms and semantics, your LLMs and AI tools will be able to correctly share data-related information. Check out how our partner Delphi built a Cube-powered AI chatbot.


Cube Cloud gets developers.

With the developer experience built-in to Cube Cloud, it’s easy to build a data model that gives your AI & LLMs all the context it needs to deliver accurate answers. And don’t build that data model alone, Cube Cloud is built for collaboration and easy development with a collaborative playground, automatic endpoint testing, and all sorts of goodies.

  • GraphQL
  • REST
  • SQL
query {
cube {
orders(where: {
status: { notEquals: "completed" }
}) {
created_at {


Deliver answers fast - even with complex questions.

Cube makes it easy to cache results for the most common queries which can massively speed up your user experience. Cube's two-level caching layer, consisting of an in-memory cache and configurable pre-aggregations, will get you to the performance your users expect. Cube Cloud includes an admin console and all sorts of tools to make caching and pre-aggregations simple to set up and monitor.


Security? Check. Compliance? Check.

We take security seriously and have built-in tools to ensure you have ultimate control over the security of your - and sometimes even your customers - data. Granular or role-based access controls - we got you covered. And Cube Cloud is enterprise-ready which means all the compliance you need: SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR.

Ready to deliver mighty-performant embedded analytics?

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