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The problem:
Every BI tool creates a new data model

And average enterprises have 6 or more! It’s great that users want to be data-driven, but having different data models and metrics definitions gets messy - leading to confusion, and even frustration, for your team.

The solution:
Sync your BI data models with Cube Cloud

Define all your metrics upstream in Cube’s semantic layer and deliver through the SQL API or by syncing to each BI-specific data model.

Why connect your BI tools with Cube Cloud

Not only will your teams be using the same definitions and metrics, but they will also benefit from increased availability and a faster experience with Cube’s caching layer.

Data Engineers will love how easy it is to collaborate as they build their data models and set up centralized access controls.

Semantic Layer Sync

Stay in sync with PowerBI, Tableau, and more

Cube Cloud can quickly sync the BI data models with Cube’s data model - to allow data engineers to quickly build and deploy a semantic layer that brings everyone together. Open source Cube comes with Semantic Layer Sync for popular open source visualization tools like Preset and Metabase. With Cube Cloud, Semantic Layer Sync can be set up with PowerBI, Tableau - and more BI tools are on the way.


All the SQLs

Talk to anything that speaks SQL

We believe that SQL is the language of data and have invested in making it work across all the different instances and permutations in data tools. With Cube’s SQL API, you can deliver metrics and data to any tool that is built on SQL - and even some that don’t (we’re looking at you Looker). We don’t care what data visualization you love the best, because we can send modeled data to any of them (even AI and LLMs - learn more here) Some people call us Headless BI, we’d prefer something a little less gruesome, like Really Smart Semantic Layer that Thoughtfully Delivers Metrics to All. Catchy no?


We Get You

Tools built by data engineers for data engineers

Once you realize the power of a semantic layer to connect all your BI and data apps, you’re ready to appreciate the extra oomph of Cube Cloud. With collaborative tools that make it easy for many data engineers to work together, Cube Cloud excels at streamlining the development process (customers report just weeks to get live instead of months). Building your data model, setting up access controls, and developing the caching layer that will deliver a super fast experience to your customers, has never been easier than with the tools that are only in Cube Cloud.

We Got You

Keeping your data protected

Cube Cloud has all the security tools you need such as role and column-based data to create a secure environment for your data. In addition to tools, Cube Cloud has built-in security features such as SSL for all data in transit and at rest, and is SOC2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant. Learn more about how Cube Cloud keeps your data - and your customers’ data - secure.


Ready to upgrade your BI with a semantic layer?

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