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Headless BI for building data apps

Consume data from any data source, organize it into consistent metrics, and use it with every app.

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With over 13,000 stars on GitHub, Cube is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startupsRead all user stories →

Cube: API-First Business Intelligence

Cube is an API‑first business intelligence platform for data engineers and application developers to make data accessible and consistent across every application.

What is Headless BI?

Define a data model, manage security and multitenancy, accelerate your queries, and expose data to your applications via SQL, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

  • YAML
  • JS
- name: active_users
sql: SELECT user_id, timestamp FROM events
- name: weekly_active
sql: id
type: count_distinct
trailing: 7 day
offset: start
- name: time
type: time
sql: timestamp

Data Modeling

Centrally‑managed definitions ensure every user gets uniform insights instead of inconsistent signals.

Learn about defining a data model.

Access Control

Cube coordinates access control upstream of data applications, so that the right people have access to the right metrics.

Learn about implementing access control.


Store query results to prevent identical queries from increasing the load on your data warehouse, and implement aggregate awareness to find the smallest, most efficient table to serve every query.

Learn about pre-aggregations.

Instant APIs

Integrate with data visualization tools and business intelligence dashboards, and bind to popular front‑end frameworks to power custom interfaces.

Learn about supported REST, GraphQL, and SQL APIs.

  • SQL
  • REST
  • GraphQL
date_trunc('day', time) as day,
FROM ActiveUsers
WHERE time >= '2021-01-01' AND time < '2021-01-07'

Ship faster

Save time, complexity, and development costs.

Build new data apps in hours instead of weeks
Automate API development work
Leverage optimized infrastructure

Cube really stood out as a great fit for our use case. We were able to level‑up our data infrastructure without needing to build a full‑blown and expensive data pipeline.

Photo of Jc Weinrich

Jc Weinrich



Cube helped us reduce response times 100x and increase the amount of information we could display on our customer facing dashboards.

Photo of Thomas Ankcorn

Thomas Ankcorn

Technical Lead


Cube is an API that's built already. We’re not starting from scratch. Otherwise we’d be building an HTTP layer and abstraction over SQL.

Photo of Craig Beck

Craig Beck

Software Engineer


We can develop and ship analytics products without dealing with any net new infrastructure development going forward. Our efforts are focused on what matters: the data and the UI.

Photo of Louis Zuckerman

Louis Zuckerman

Staff Software Engineer & Team Lead


Cube provides us with the framework and tools to build our custom data visualization platform with minimal effort. Our full‑stack developers are able to get productive quickly, optimizing performance wherever possible.

Photo of David Chua

David Chua

Senior Engineering Manager


Cube was the perfect tool to ease iterations around how insights can be exposed to our clients. Now all our dashboards and reporting use Cube.

Photo of Luc Vauvillier

Luc Vauvillier

Chief Operating Officer

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