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The Analytics API
for Building Data Apps

Power customer‑facing analytics features and business intelligence tools on top of your cloud data warehouse.
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What is Cube?

Cube is a complete set of building blocks for building data apps with big data. Build faster with automated SQL generation, query acceleration, security and access control, consistent metrics definitions, and API design.
VisualizationChart.jsD3.jsHighcharts Chart.jsD3.jsHighchartsfront-end codeReactAngularVueVanilla JS ReactAngularVueVanilla JS

Visualization-agnostic tools for building custom UIs

Logos of popular frameworks
Client libraries for data fetch instead of pre-built visualizationsBindings to front-end frameworks: React, Angular, VueSupport for all charting libraries: Chart.js, D3.js, Google Charts, Highcharts, and more

Analytical API server

Data modeling capabilities for everything from simple counts to cohort retention and funnel analysisOutstanding performance with query orchestration and multi-level cachingBuilt-in support for multitenancy and row-level security

Support for modern data stores

Serverless query enginesCloud-hosted and on-premise databasesRDBMS and big data storesLogos of popular databases
Generated SQL

Cube is ready to power
your next data app

Fit to existing applications and technology stacksHandle trillions of data points with sub-second response timesBuild multi-tenant applications with built-in security

Join our developer community

Open source

200 contributors and 10,000+ stars on GitHub
Open source 200 contributors and 10,000+ stars on GitHub

Vibrant community

4,000 members on Slack
Vibrant community 4,000 members on Slack

Get started with Cube.js

Start with Node.js:npx cubejs-cli create hello-worldCopyStart with Docker:
docker run -p 4000:4000 \ 
    -v ${PWD}:/cube/conf \ 
    -e CUBEJS_DEV_MODE=true \    
and follow our Getting StartedGetting Started guide.

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