Cube.js Templates
The easiest way to build analytics dashboards and applications. Mix your favorite frontend open-source tools to build the app of your dreams.
Cube.js templates are open-source, ready-to-use frontend analytics apps. Pick your favorite framework, charting library, and UI kit—the template will wire it all together and configure it to work with the Cube.js backend. It is easy to get started and completely customizable down the road.
Dynamic Dashboard with React
Use this template to create a dynamic dashboard application with React, AntD, and Chart.js. It comes with a dynamic query builder and Apollo GraphQL client.
Real Time Dashboard
Use this template to create a static dashboard application with real-time WebSocket transport.
Getting Started with Cube.js
Start using Cube.js by following the simple steps below.
Or check out the Cube.js examples repository.
1. Install Cube.js CLI with NPM or Yarn

Cube.js CLI is used for various Cube.js workflows.

$ npm install -g cubejs-cli
2. Connect to Your Database

Connect to your existing data warehouse or set up a new one.

$ cubejs create hello-world -d postgres
3. Define Your Data Schema
Use Cube.js Schema to model raw data into meaningful business definitions.
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4. Visualize Results
Now you can use Cube.js client libraries and API to build analytics features directly into your apps.
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