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Atlas Analytics Tutorial

Build your analytical application in three simple steps with Cube.js

Follow these steps to build your
Atlas Analytics Tutorial

Step 1. Launch an analytical API. It will provide data for your applicationStep 2. Bootstrap a front-end application. It will help to explore dataStep 3. Explore data and build an app. Follow our complete and detailed guides

Install Cube.js as an analytical API for Atlas

Use Cube.js to launch an analytical API on top of your data storeCube.js is an open-source analytical API platformCube.js is used to build internal BI tools or add analytics to existing applications

Get started with Cube.js

$ npx cubejs-cli create atlas-analytics-tutorial -d mongobiCopyand follow our Getting StartedGetting Started guide.

Bootstrap a front-end application with React or other framework

Use Cube.js Playground to bootstrap a front-end applicationCube.js Playground is used to explore your data and test different chart types

Explore data and build an app

$ npx cubejs-cli create hello-worldCopyOpen http://localhost:4000/http://localhost:4000/ in your browser

Explore data and build an application

Explore our Atlas guides and create your applicationShare your experience with Cube.js community
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Open source 100 contributors and  10,000+ stars on GitHub

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Vibrant community 2,000 members on Slack

What they’re saying

Photo of Hansjoerg Posch
Hansjoerg Posch
Jul 11, 2020
I just started working with Cube JS and it has been a pleasant experience so far! Kudos to all devs and especially thank you for the well written docs.
Photo of Travis Fischer
Travis Fischer
Mar 3, 2020
I found Cube.js last night and have already integrated it into my user dashboards. Setup with MongoBI was a breeze and the query builder made getting started refreshingly simple.👍 5🚀 1
Photo of Pavel Tiunov
Pavel Tiunov
Jun 12, 2020
Cube.js serves trillion data point sets in production. But it's for Athena though. Biggest RDBMS we've seen in production it's several billions data point set for MySQL.
Photo of Willem Demmers
Willem Demmers
Aug 4, 2020
Cube seems like one of the most well-designed and thought out software that I’ve seen whilst researching data pipelining. It feels very modern in a good way.👍 1
Photo of Jc
Aug 3, 2020
It's effectively a "headless" technology in that sense, and it has a lot of flexibility for varying use cases. For example, you can even use it against a real-time database (pre data lake). It almost doesn't matter what you're querying, it's the two-tier caching strategy on top of a well-defined measure/dimension vocabulary that you get so easily that makes it attractive.

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