Cube Cloud lets you set up alerts so you can be notified when there are issues with any of the deployments in your account.

Alerts are available in Cube Cloud on Starter (opens in a new tab) tier.

Alert conditions are checked once per minute for configured alert types and deployments. If an alert condition is triggered, an email notification will be sent to configured recipients.

Cube Cloud only sends an outage email once per configured alert; when the issue resolves, a resolution email is also sent.

Alert types

Cube Cloud has three different types of alerts:

  • API outages. These are triggered if the deployment's API becomes unavailable by monitoring the /livez endpoint.
  • Database timeouts. These are triggered if either the APIs or the database are taking longer than expected to respond.
  • Pre-aggregation build failures. These are triggered if any pre-aggregation fails to build.

How to configure

Only admin users can configure alerts in Cube Cloud.

To set up alerts in Cube Cloud, click your username in the top-right for the menu, then click Alerts:

Finding the Alerts menu in Cube Cloud

You should now see the Alerts page. The example screenshot below shows no alerts configured for this deployment:

The Cube Cloud account's Alerts Page

Click the New Alert button to bring up a dialog where you can configure the alert:

Creating a new Alert on Cube Cloud


By default, alerts are configured for all deployments in your account. You can configure alerts for specific deployments by clicking Specific instead of All and then checking the specific deployments you want to monitor:

Selecting deployments for an alert on Cube Cloud


When creating a new alert, by default, all users will receive email alerts for any issues. You can also specify particular users who should receive alerts by toggling the Specific users option and selecting them:

Setting receipients for an alert on Cube Cloud

Optionally, you can also add additional email addresses that should receive email notifications by entering the email address in the Custom email field:

Setting an custom email for an alert on Cube Cloud