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Add a pre-aggregation

In this step, we'll add a pre-aggregation to optimize the performance of a specific query. Pre-aggregations are a caching technique that massively reduces query time from seconds to milliseconds. They are extremely useful for speeding up queries that are run frequently.

From the Developer Playground page, execute a query:

Cube Cloud Deployment Developer Playground Screen showing query results

Just above the results, click on Query was not accelerated with pre-aggregation to bring up the Rollup Designer:

Cube Cloud Deployment Developer Playground Screen showing Rollup Designer

The Rollup Designer will automatically suggest a pre-aggregation for the query; click Add to the Data Model and then retry the query in the Playground. This time, the query should be accelerated with a pre-aggregation.

It takes a bit of time to build a pre-aggregation, so the first run might not necessarily fast. Click Rerun query a few times until you see a subsecond query time.

Cube Cloud Deployment Developer Playground Screen querying a pre-aggregation

And with that, we conclude our Getting Started with Cube Cloud guide. If you'd like to learn more about Cube Cloud, check out this page.

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