Cube Cloud Hybrid Installation

Cube Cloud can be installed as a hybrid cloud option. In this case Cube Cloud acts as a Kubernetes operator. In this case it doesn't have access to your VPC or database and manages your deployment only by means of Kubernetes API. Below are instructions for popular cloud providers.

First step of Cube Cloud installation is to create AWS EKS cluster:

  1. Please see on how to create cluster. If you choose to use AWS Management Console UI path please ensure you use same credentials to authorize in AWS Management Console and your AWS CLI.
  2. While creating cluster please ensure you use the same VPC and security groups that your database use.
  3. Please refer to if you have problems with setting up worker node roles.
  4. Install kubectl if you don't have one:
  5. Setup kubectl using
  6. Go to Cube Cloud deployment Overview page and copy kubectl apply -f ... installation command.
  7. Run just copied kubectl apply -f ... in your command line.
  8. After all required Kubernetes services started up you should see your deployment status at the Cube Cloud deployment Overview page.

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