@cubejs-backend/server is a web server for the @cubejs-backend/server-core. There are also multiple options to run Cube.js Backend Server in production.

Creates an instance of CubejsServer.

You can set server port using PORT environment variable. Default port is 4000.


const CubejsServer = require('@cubejs-backend/server');

const server = new CubejsServer();

server.listen().then(({ version, port }) => {
  console.log(`🚀 Cube.js server (${version}) is listening on ${port}`);

Options Reference

The options for CubejsServer include the CubejsServerCore options plus the following additional ones specific to CubejsServer:

type CubejsServerOptions = {
  webSockets?: boolean;
  initApp?(app: express.Application): void | Promise<void>;

Boolean to enable or disable web sockets on the backend. Can also be enabled using the CUBEJS_WEB_SOCKETS environment variable.


A function to setup the instance of Express. It accepts the following argument:

  • app: the instance of Express

This method is invoked prior to any routes having been added. Since routes can't be overridden, this allows customization / overriding of the routes and other aspects of the Express application early in its lifecycle.

An example usage is customizing the base route / in production mode to return a 404:


import type { Application, Request, Response } from 'express';

export function initApp(app: Application) {
  app.get('/', (req: Request, res: Response) => {


import { initApp } from './initApp';

const options = {};

// ...

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
  options.initApp = initApp;

const server = new CubejsServer(options);

CubejsServer.version is a method that returns the semantic package version of @cubejs-backend/server.

const CubejsServer = require('@cubejs-backend/server');


Instantiates the Express.js App to listen to the specified PORT. Returns a promise that resolves with the following members:

  • port {number} The port at which CubejsServer is listening for insecure connections for redirection to HTTPS, as specified by the environment variable PORT. Defaults to 4000.
  • app {Express.Application} The express App powering CubejsServer
  • server {http.Server} The http Server instance. If TLS is enabled, returns a https.Server instance instead.
  • version {string} The semantic package version of @cubejs-backend/server

Tests all existing open connections in the application.

Shuts down the server and closes any open db connections.

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