Cloud Runtime

Cloud Runtime extends Cube Core with several components that substantially improve reliability, performance, and security:

  • Performance: Cube Store in-memory caching, Cube Store autoscaling, autoscaling for multi-tenancy.

  • Security: Cube Store encryption at rest, SQL API connection via SSL, secured access to Cube Playground, security audits and updates to Docker images.

  • Reliability: Cube Store replication for high availability, distributed file storage failovers and consistency checking.

  • Integrations: Optimized Databricks driver, optimized Elasticsearch driver, support for Azure blob storage in Cube Store, and integration with monitoring solutions.

Cloud Runtime powers Cube Cloud. Cube Cloud is available as managed service and through "bring your own cloud" model. Please contact us if you'd like to install Cube Cloud within your AWS, GCP, or Azure account.

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