Cube Cloud

Cube Cloud offers hosted Cube service with extra features for reliability and performance. It includes all the core features of Cube, while taking care of infrastructure concerns such as the number of instances, memory, high-availability, pre-aggregations management, caching, scalability, real-time monitoring and tracing.

Get Started with Cube Cloud

You can use Cube Cloud IDE to develop and run Cube applications. By connecting your GitHub account, you can keep your data schema under version control.

Cube Cloud provides on-demand scalable infrastructure and pre-aggregations storage. Cube Cloud runs hundreds of Cube Store instances to ingest and query pre-aggregations with low latency and high concurrency. It is available to all users on the Standard plan and higher.

Cube Cloud can spin up Cube API instances to test changes to the data schema in feature branches. You can use branch-based development API URLs in your frontend application to test changes before shipping them to production.

You can trace and inspect your Cube queries to find performance flaws and apply optimizations. Cube Cloud also provides tips and suggestions on what pre-aggregation should be used.

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