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Senior Software Engineer

Cube Core
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San Francisco, USA or Remote

At Cube Dev we are building a technology stack for modern analytics. If you are fascinated by the software that powers large technology companies but want the challenges and freedom that come with working in a small startup, then the job at Cube is for you.

We are a small and dedicated team in San Francisco, funded by top-tier SV investors, working on making advanced analytics infrastructure developed at large tech companies accessible to all developers around the world.

We are focused on the bottom-up adoption, and most of our software is open-source. At Cube.js, you will be part of a vibrant community. Cube users often engage with the company on GitHub and Slack.

Thousands of developers are using Cube to build analytics applications and we want to help them be successful. That’s why we're looking for a backend engineer to join our Cube.js Core team to build state-of-the-art analytics data access technology.

The main task is developing a complex Open Source project — Cube.js:

  • Development of new and modification of existing drivers for various data sources.
  • Development of different REST APIs for configuring system components.
  • Optimization system components to provide it's parallelism, performance improvements, and fault tolerance.
  • Building Test Suits for drivers and other system components.
  • Working with Issues and Pull requests from the community, with escalations from corporate clients.


  • Understanding of the basic principles of JavaScript/TypeScript transpilers (such as Babel), experience in developing custom plugins, understanding of AST trees is desirable.
  • Understanding the nuances of Node.js applications under heavy loads, experience in optimizing Node.js application performance based on Express.js.
  • Understanding of the principles of development of Unit, Integration and end-2-end tests, knowledge of the framework Jest.js.
  • Fluent JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Advanced knowledge of Node.js and V8.
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL, experience with various SQL implementations: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, etc.
  • Experience in writing complex analytical queries in SQL.

Bonus points

  • Experience with Rust or intense to learn this is beneficial.
  • Experience in configuring cloud data storage (AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, etc.).
  • Experience with Business Intelligence systems, building Data Warehouse, and ETL processes.
  • Knowledge of Docker, experience in building Docker Image.
  • Experience in configuring cloud databases (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Athena, Databricks, etc.) is desirable.
  • Understanding the principles of building CI/CD processes based on Github Actions.

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