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Senior Developer Educator

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San Francisco, USA or Remote, USA

At Cube Dev, we are building the API layer for data apps.

We are focused on developer success, bottom-up adoption, and open source. Cube.js, our flagship open-source product, has 12,000 stars on GitHub and 4,500 developers in the community Slack. Cube.js is used by companies ranging from Apple, Intel, and Walmart to fast-growing Silicon Valley startups.

Currently, we are a 35-person remote-first team distributed over the US, UK, and Europe with an HQ in San Francisco. Having raised our Series A in July 2021, we're funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture funds that have previously invested in Redis, Hazelcast, Gradle, and other infrastructure software startups.

Cube is used to build APIs over up to trillion data point datasets in regular databases (e.g., Postgres or MongoDB) and data warehouses (e.g., Google BigQuery or Snowflake). Such APIs serve requests with sub-second latency and high concurrency, allowing developers to build performant internal and customer-facing apps.

We want to make sure that every developer or data engineer building data apps knows about Cube and is able to use it without any road bumps. That's why we're looking for a Senior Developer Educator (Technical Writer) to join our team and help us create outstanding documentation that educates and guides our global and diverse community of customers and open source users to success, with a particular focus on business analytics, data engineering, and application development.

In this role you will

  • Develop technical expertise in Cube.js and Cube Cloud operations as well as accompanying APIs, integrations, and related technologies
  • Put yourself in the shoes of software developers and data engineers to ensure that they have the right information to use Cube successfully
  • Write concise and informative documentation, including tutorials and intuitive explanations of complex topics and features, while also reviewing the work of other technical writers
  • Contribute to defining and evolving the processes and conventions around documentation
  • Foster collaboration with our Product & Engineering and Customer Experience teams to keep the documentation up-to-date, effective, and user-centric


In your first 30 days, you will have completed onboarding and developed enough expertise to begin making your contributions to documentation. You will have also started to review and edit documentation written by other technical writers on the team. You will use Cube hands-on throughout this experience to become familiar with our technology and our team.

After 3 months, you will oversee Cube Dev’s documentation functionality. You’ll work closely with Product & Engineering to make sure that product and feature updates are properly documented. You’ll also work with our community members to learn about their challenges and come up with creative ideas for how they might be resolved with educative materials. You’ll work collaboratively in a docs-as-code environment while designing and improving documentation conventions, processes, and tools. As Cube’s adoption grows, you will be a part of developing the team to accommodate higher demands for education. We want our users to have a phenomenal experience using Cube and that requires excellent documentation from you and the team.

You have

  • 5+ years of experience in technical writing.
  • A passion for writing and editing concise and useful documentation for technical audiences, including tactical how-tos, end-to-end tutorials, and detailed CLI or API references. You are passionate about clarity, concision, and correctness.
  • An engineering background and proficiency in JavaScript and SQL or experience with another programming language.
  • Familiarity with, or enthusiasm for learning, the various technologies for operating a distributed, cloud-native database and supporting web-scale applications.
  • A love for hands-on learning. You enjoy getting into the weeds technically, but don't let that distract you from achieving your end goals.
  • A passion for building relationships with internal and external users to get feedback and identify potential areas of documentation improvement.

We work remotely, provide unlimited PTO, and offer stock options.

To apply, please send an email to Igor Lukanin or use the form below.

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