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Open Source Ecosystem Engineer

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At Cube Dev, we are building the API layer for data apps.

We are focused on developer success, bottom-up adoption, and open source. Cube.js, our flagship open-source product, has 11,000 stars on GitHub and 4,000 developers in the community Slack. Cube.js is used by companies ranging from Apple, Intel, and Walmart to fast-growing Silicon Valley startups.

Currently, we are a 20-person remote-first team distributed over the US, UK, and Europe with an HQ in San Francisco. Having raised our Series A in July 2021, we're funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture funds that have previously invested in Redis, Hazelcast, Gradle, and other infrastructure software startups.

Cube.js is used to build APIs which seamlessly integrate with front-end frameworks and feed data into data visualization tools to power internal and customer-facing apps.

We want to make sure that every developer building data applications knows about Cube.js and has the best experience possible. To do so, we'd like to contribute to projects in the open source ecosystem with adjacency to Cube.js: data visualization tools, framework wrappers for such tools, etc.

That's why we're seeking an Open Source Ecosystem Engineer to join our Developer Relations team.

In this role you will

  • Contribute to Cube.js developer experience
  • Develop and maintain complementary open source projects
  • Explore ways to help developers succeed via open source
  • Be the voice of the Cube.js team in the open source ecosystem

The ideal candidate is fluent in JavaScript and has expertise in React or other front-end frameworks. Previous exposure to open source and a strong GitHub profile are desirable. Interest in the data visualization space is a plus.

We work remotely and provide unlimited PTO.

To apply, please send an email to Igor Lukanin or use the form below.

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