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At Cube Dev, we are building the API layer for data apps.

Cube, our flagship open-source product, has over 13,000 stars on GitHub and almost 6000 developers in the Slack community. Cube is used by companies ranging from Apple, Intel, and Walmart to fast-growing Silicon Valley startups.

Currently, we are a 50-person remote-first team distributed over the US, UK, and Europe with an HQ in San Francisco. Having raised our Series A in 2021, we're funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture firms that have previously invested in Redis, Hazelcast, Gradle, and other infrastructure software startups.

About the team

We're involved in Growth Engineering and Marketing Operations, building and maintaining websites that help Cube acquire new users and make sure they have the best experience possible. We maintain the main website, example applications, our blog, and documentation. We also launch tools like that drive developers towards Cube and improve their experience.

Currently, we're a team of two front-end engineers, two visual designers, and a product manager.

Over the last few months, we focused on rehauling our blog, introducing a headless CMS and a media CDN, optimizing websites' performance and Core Web Vitals. We're also working on a new website for Browserslist to help developers build websites for the modern web.

About the role

We want to build a world-class team in charge of Cube's digital presence. That's why we're seeking an engineering lead to join our team.

You will:

  • Split your time between engineering, delivery, and team leadership
  • Collaborate with the product manager to co-own the business context
  • Maintain the backlog and help the team ship impactful features in time
  • Be the role model; maintain team culture and help fellow engineers grow
  • Together with your team, build best-in-class digital experiences
  • Make an impact on Cube's growth and user acquisition

What you'll need

  • Shipping mindset and empathy to external and internal users
  • Experience building customer-facing software, attention to detail
  • Experience leading an engineering team and helping it grow
  • Expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Next.js

We work remotely and provide unlimited PTO.

To apply, please send an email to Nastya or use the form below.

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