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Your Cube.js AppsSecure and highly available managed deployment by the creators of Cube.js

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How Cube Cloud Works

With Cube Cloud Hybrid, you can provision and manage the whole Cube.js stack inside your cloud.

Kubernetes-based deployment ensures a one-way connection from your cluster to the Cube Cloud. Your cluster pulls Kubernetes config and images to install.

Deploy fully managed Cube.js apps in the cloud of your choice: AWS, Azure, or GCP. With best-in-class infrastructure and proven practices, Cube Cloud guarantees high availability, scalability, and improved performance.

Cube Cloud provisions and manages API instances, caching layer, background refresh schedulers, and external databases for pre-aggregations. It supports multi-tenant deployments both on database and instance levels.

Production Grade Cube.js Deployment

Created by Cube.js authors, Cube Cloud is the most reliable, scalable, and secure way to deploy your production Cube.js clusters.

Managed Infrastructure

Provision every piece of Cube.js infrastructure from clusters of Cube.js instances to a Redis cache and external pre-aggregation databases.

Trace and Inspect Queries

Inspect the execution time of each query and their lifecycle. Get insights into query queues and background refreshes.

Pre-Aggregations Management

Analyze your pre-aggregation refresh rate and time. Use Cube Cloud suggestions to select the best possible pre-aggregation for a given query.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor the performance of a query with metrics such as response time, pre-aggregation, refresh rate, and more.

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